Blog Post 2: July 12, 2016

Follow these Guidelines for good Ethical Judgment in Advertising

  1.  Be honest, and truthful
    1. We want our company to express facts about our company to be true.  Our customers are the most important so we want them to trust and believe in what we do as a company.   For example characteristics of company and/or product, the price, delivery, performance, etc., should all be expressed in a factual manner.
    2. The importance of this is portraying truthful information to the public is key to avoid problems down the road.
    3. People are more likely to continue to do business with us when we are upfront about our product and they believe we are the best product out in the market place.
    4. The photo below is an advertisement from Aerie Co.  This company is truthful in the fact that they do not photoshop their pictures.  They are being honest to the public that anyone could wear their swimsuits because you don’t need to be one size to wear their clothing.   aeriereal-swim-lookbook-575x575
    5. This is an advertisement that is not truthful to the public.  With the slogan “Less Wrinkles in only minutes” is a lie and should not be allowed because some people might fall for the trick.  hqdefault
  2. Our advertisement should not have any form of discrimination, bias, or portray illegal use of product.
    1. We want to maintain the integrity of the company and make sure people aren’t opposed to use our product based on discrimination.
    2. It is important and our responsibility to uphold the law and be reasonable when it comes to our customers.
    3. Below is a good example of non discrimination because they are portraying that this product is for anyone.  Any age and any gender could use this product.  article-0-163683ae000005dc-958_634x478
    4. Although this advertisement is trying to be positive but in fact they are stereotyping and saying that all darker color people are going to end up as maids.  This is not the case and is generalizing a race.  pic1
  3. Be polite and graceful when discussing competitors.
    1. As in number one we want to be truthful and we do not want to mislead our customers with bias or fake facts about our competitors.  When discussing comparisons we want remain polite but also show how we can provide a better product than our competitors.
    2. It is important not to appear aggressive and mean when it comes to our competitors.  They could always come back at us and we want to remain the bigger people and attack with factual evidence.
    3. This example below shows how unethical pepsi was in this advertisement.  They are not stating any facts of how pepsi is better but saying that not even the straw wants to “drink” coke so why should you.  This is called comparative advertising but it is slander towards coke products.  joy_of_pepsi_straws
    4. I believe this is a ethical example because Dunkin Donuts is comparing themselves to Starbucks but also providing links to “Learn the truth” on how they are better.         dunkin

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