Blog Post 3: July 20, 2016

Warwick, New York:

A small town about 45 minutes from NYC with a population of 32,065. Some may say that it is the greatest town to grow up in but that’s just an opinion here are the facts.  Warwick is a small community but community that looks out for each other.  Backpack Snack Attack is one program that has gained popularity throughout the years with the help of local business, volunteers, and other parts of the community.

Grappa Ristorante is one of the many local business that contribute to the program in many ways.  Tony and Nick are the two co-owners of the restaurant that came to the U.S. in 1983 where they worked their way up as chef (Tony) and Manger (Nick).  Grappa is well known in Warwick for their Italian Food, great atmosphere and good location for ten years.  They are located right in the middle of town, which is great for exploring the town afterwards.  Their food is made from fresh grown produce from Warwick Farms.

Grappa has donated money to the Backpack Snack Attach Program for many years, including donating to raffle prizes held by the program.  Another special deed Grappa does for the program is sponsor and hold a fundraiser to help support the cause.  It is their fifth year sponsoring the fundraiser held on March 21, which raises about $7,500 to $8,000.  That $8,000 fills about 1,400 backpacks for children who are in need of food especially for food after school.  It is stated that under $6 will help fill 1 backpack.  These backpacks will help feed about 300 children to eat at home on weekends when they do not receive their free lunch at school.

Personally I worked at Grappa for two years as a bus girl and Tony and Nick were great people.  When they gave us free lunch for the days we worked we would all sit down and talk.  Mostly about how they came to be Grappa and how they help the community.  They hang articles in the stairway of them being named best restaurant, and articles of them sponsoring the program.

Grappa is only one of the many business that help the community and the Backpack Snack Attach Program.

Below this photo was taken at the latest Backpack Snack Attack Fundraiser.



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