Blog Post 4: August 2, 2016

Unsafe working conditions

We are aware of some of the unsafe working conditions that occur all around the world.  Standards of safety has changed through out the years because of such tragedies like the 1911 Triangle Shirtwaste Factory fire, and many others.  It is important to provide safe working conditions for employees because it is federal and state law and also for ethical reasons. “If unsafe working conditions are present, a worker may report the violation to the employer, to the federal and/or state Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), and in some cases, the worker may refuse to work.”  OSHA enforces that the safety standards are being upheld.  They protect workers from one-time injuries, illnesses, and recognized hazards.

One post that was shocking is about Alaska Airline, which can be found at this video link:

Alaska Airlines and its handling contractor (Menzies Aviation) were both fined $7,000 and $62,000 respectively for health and safety violations.  In the article they stated that “failing equipment and workers getting injured was typical”.  They did not have proper safeguards in place to protect these workers.  These unsafe conditions are brought out because implementing safety practices can be costly and are usually not their number one priority.

Another main issue of unsafe working conditions are the working conditions overseas.   Work is expedited overseas for one main reason: cheaper cost.  With these cheaper costs comes issues such as child labor, sweatshops, and even unsafe conditions for workers.  Companies such as H&m, nike, and many others.  When companies see that they can get cheaper labor overseas they skim on costs and rules and regulations aren’t often followed to save more money.  The one question we have to ask ourselves as consumers is: Should we buy these products that are made overseas?  What can we do as consumers to make sure that these companies are taking care of their employees?

Some other recent headlines in the news include:

Coleman Prison cited, again, for ‘unsafeworking conditions


Overseas Manufacturing, labor standards


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